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5 Reasons Why You Should Delay Your Honeymoon

A guest blog post by Becky Lukovic of Bella Travel Planning

Delay your honeymoon?? Is that allowed???


For sure!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are doing it…..The Man and I did it….many modern brides and grooms are doing it. It’s about having a few (or more) days to take a breath after the wedding festivities before you head off on your first adventure together as man and wife. It’s about hitting the pause button…. enjoying family who may have traveled to see your wedding….packing your vacation bags properly….and having something to look forward to.

A delayed honeymoon can just be for one day, a week, several weeks or even several months.

Here are the five reasons you should delay your honeymoon:

To Stay Longer at Your Party!

Yesssss!!! You’ve put months of planning into perhaps the biggest party you will ever plan for yourself. Your friends will be there. Your family will be there. You have a DJ with a curated playlist of all your favorite tunes and an open bar. Do you really want to start your honeymoon hung over? Do you really want to begin your trip on two hours of sleep? Those 3am wake up calls for early morning Caribbean flights are brutal when you go to bed early and are almost unbearable when you are sleep deprived. Yes, you can stay up all night and just go to the airport….but you’ve invested a lot of money on this beautiful honeymoon—it’s a shame to mentally miss the first few days!

For Your Budget.

You just spent a gazillion dollars planning the wedding of your dreams. Many times, the honeymoon takes a backseat to the wedding budget. It’s a shame, really!! One thing to do is look at ways you can increase your budget. Take a comparison site as an example, you can find the best broadband deals uk. People will ask you for the rest of your life “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” Give yourself a few extra months to have a financial buffer—to cash all those wedding gift checks… You don’t want to worry about whether or not you can have another margarita on the beach or a glass of champagne with lunch in Paris….it will also give you chance to save for some luxury extras such as hiring a private jet with Jettly.
If you allow yourself to increase your budget, you could go somewhere truly special. You could consider something like a stay in a villa Antigua Exceptional Villas. This will allow you privacy in a luxurious location that simply must be seen to be believed.

To Save Your Sanity!

The days leading up to your wedding are many times a minefield of blended families, differing expectations, bossy relatives, vendor issues, dieting, and bridesmaid drama. Many times the bride and groom feel a bit…. underwater… overwhelmed….stressed out with all the plans looming over them.Yes, you may be trembling in anticipation of getting outta dodge at the earliest possible moment to escape the looney bin, but a day (or two) can help you take a breath between wedding survival mode and romantic honeymoon mode. You can take your time to pack your vacation bags when you are not dealing with pre-wedding checklists. You can make sure you have your passport, your sunscreen, and that great iTunes playlist for your travels. You can sleep in, cuddle, open your wedding gifts, and just enjoy each other in the privacy of your own homes.


To Get More Vacation Time.

If you accrue your vacay each month, you may want to delay the honeymoon to have more time. If you work in a busy office or have your own business, you may want a few weeks between wedding and honeymoon to get some work done between the two because you know you’ll be a bit distracted those weeks before the wedding, and you don’t want to be thinking about work (or worse—answering emails) while you are sitting by the pool in the hills of Tuscany. Giving a time buffer in between gives you a change to catch up with looming projects, important clients, and the stack of files on your desk.

To Extend Your Moment!

Oh man do I love that word honeymoon! It opens doors like nothing else! When you wait to take your honeymoon, you have something to look forward to after the wedding. You have a new countdown to begin—the Honeymoon Countdown! You are still in honeymoon mode—even if you wait a couple of months. Keep the celebration going….bask in the newlywed glory a bit more.


Do Celebrate Though…

Now – don’t get me wrong—you should do something after your wedding night—stay the night in a hotel, go sit on a nearby beach, lake, mountain for a day or two after to decompress….have a Sunday Funday in your city….plan something special for the day after! That is a must!

If you do decide to delay your honeymoon, it is imperative that you have that plan in place well advance of the wedding. Have solid plans (preferably with a deposit already down). Life has a sneaky way of flying by and the best laid plans for a beautiful honeymoon can take a back seat to life’s business. You’ll turn around and it will be three years later and a honeymoon then seems a bit….superfluous. Yes, you may still go on a wonderful trip, but it will have lost the honeymoon glow. Be sure to have a solid plan—to have arrangements made to ensure you are actually going. I have several friends who lost their honeymoon window because they didn’t have a plan in place and regret not having a honeymoon together.

Delaying your honeymoon (even for just one day) may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

bella travel honeymoon planningBecky Lukovic is a certified honeymoon and romance travel specialist. For seventeen years her honeymoon couples have put their toes in the sand across the world, walked the cobblestoned streets of Paris, enjoyed sundowner cocktails on safari, and scuba dived along the best reefs in the world. Her own delayed honeymoon (delayed three months) was spent in Costa Rica—enjoying the local cuisine, hiking, rappelling down waterfalls, and taking surf lessons along the coast. You may reach her at becky @bellatravelplanning.com or by calling her at 770-702-0787.

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