8 Reasons To Have a Valentine's Day Wedding (or at least a February one)

8 Reasons To Have a Valentine's Day Wedding (or at least a February one)

Make Valentinus Happy – Go All Out In February

You’ve been hoping for your marriage proposal for a while now. The holiday season did not disappoint. You got your proposal. Now it’s time to figure out the perfect wedding day.

Good news! Valentine’s Day 2020 is probably a little too late to book, but there is always 2021! Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday. If you have learned anything about wedding venues, you already know what this means; you’ll be saving money if you get married on a Sunday!

Let us share a few perks of getting married on this romantic day or at least very close to it to help convince you that a February wedding is right for you.

(Minus the Christmas tree in the far right corner, here is a look at what a red and white wedding may look like at Jones Crossing in February!)

jones crossing with red decor


Take this tip from McNamara Florist: Roses are going to cost more around Valentine’s Day simply because of the holiday demand around this time of year. Why not explore a different type of flower that is just as, or possibly even more gorgeous? The Orchid.

Fun fact about the Orchid:

Orchids are delicate and exotic and they represent love, luxury, beauty and strength!
valentines day wedding ideas

Photo by Mallory Tatly – Courtesy of McNamara Florist


Valentine’s Day is synonymous with candy and sweets, right? Don’t forget the extra creativity you can flex on your wedding day! Grafton Peek Cakery can make any cake you can dream of, but check this one out as just one idea!

grafton peek cakery valentines cake

Photo from the Grafton Peek Cakery website. Grafton Peek is Jones Crossing’s preferred cake vendor.


Rather than opting for a traditional white or cream wedding dress, you can get really festive with a beautiful pink or blush colored wedding dress!

This one from David’s Bridal is one of our favorites!

pink wedding dress davids bridal

Photo of pink wedding dress from David’s Bridal


The options for the table centerpieces is endless! Jones Crossing recognizes that hanging onto a bunch of wedding centerpieces after your wedding day isn’t really practical so we offer the option for you to rent them from us. You can see a few options that we offer and you can customize them with your favorite colors!


Whether you have bar service at your wedding or you just choose to have soft drinks, you can find a fun option to “V-Up” your drinks! Martha Stewart has 16 fun ideas!

red martini martha stewart

Bridesmaid Dresses

We’ve seen several weddings at Jones Crossing that incorporated red into the color palette. The Bridesmaid dresses are one of our favorite areas to add red!






Bridesmaid Robes

You’ve seen the photos of the pre-wedding activities, right? You know.. the super cute candid shots of the ladies getting ready to shine like crazy on the most important day of the special lady’s day. This is another area to incorporate red!



The beautiful thing about technology: You can customize it to YOU! We are so happy to offer uplighting that can be customized to YOUR special day!



jones crossing with red decor

What do you think? Plan your Valentine’s Day wedding with us and save money while you go all out with Valentine’s colors!