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Alexis & Riley – Great Gatsby Wedding

A Roaring Good Time – Alexis and Riley’s Great Gatsby Wedding

Alexis and Riley shared their love story with us. Check it out!


Andrea Barger Photography

Bride Name: Alexis

Groom Name: Riley

Your Wedding Date: April 28, 2018

Your Photographer’s Name: Andrea Barger

Tell Us Your Story: We met 3 years ago during trying times in our lives. He proposed on December 31 2017. We had a beautiful baby girl and he took on the responsibility as a father to all three of my other kids as well. He is my best friend and so much more.

How Many Bridesmaids Did You Have?: 7

How Many Groomsmen Did You Have?: 7

How Many Flower Girls Did You Have?: 2

How Many Ring Bearers Did You Have?: 2

What Were Your Wedding Colors?: Wine, gold, black

Special Moments to Note With Family or Friends?: Thanks for having a roaring good time with us.

Special Meaning of Your Dress, Tux, Jewelry, Shoes, etc?: My dress had my brothers shirt attached to it who had passed away a year prior. My dad’s mom’s pearl necklace who had passed away. Then I wore my mom’s mother’s pearl bracelet and earrings as well as my mother-in-law’s mom’s necklace that had passed away. My husband wore custom cufflinks that I had made for him.

Songs You Picked and Why:

You Should Be Here: For my brother that was not there.

Butterfly Kisses: My dad wanted me to dance to it at his wedding and I wouldn’t when I was little so I did on this special day. Perfect: Our kids sang to us.

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?: Marrying my best friend and all of our family and friends putting their differences aside and coming together

How Many Guests RSVP’d?: 236

Why Did You Pick Jones Crossing?: We loved that they provided everything and they were so nice

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple?: Absolutely


Andrea Barger Photography

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