Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas - Booze Optional

Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas - Booze Optional

Leave The Hangovers In The Past

If you are getting married, chances are that either you or your bridal party will be planning a bachelorette party for you. If you aren’t the bar-hopping, adult entertainment type, this post should help open up a plethora of options to give you plenty of options to choose from.

In a group that we follow on Facebook, a bride asked “What did you ladies do for your bachelorette party that DID NOT want to go to clubs or bars?” One woman said she was following the feed because she would be pregnant at the time of her wedding.

Brides Suggested These Bachelorette Party Alternatives

We took our favorite suggestions and included them in this post for you. Enjoy!

  1. Visit a haunted house.
  2. Go shopping and dine at a favorite restaurant.
  3. Have a spa day.
  4. Book a painting party.
  5. Book an Escape Room party.
  6. Do a Wine and Canvas party and paint something that reminds you of the bride.
  7. Candle making is another craftsy suggestion.
  8. Do a scavenger hunt.
  9. Top Golf.
  10. Axe throwing.
  11. Take a pottery class.
  12. Attend a tennis shoe painting class. (Bonus! Have your girls wear the shoes you paint on the day of the wedding so they are comfy!)
  13. Go to a theme park.
  14. Rent a cabin, play games, kayak, hike, and reminisce on your experiences with the bride.
  15. Take a belly dancing lesson.
  16. Do a wine tasting.
  17. Rent a boat and have a mini getaway.

Final recommendation: Don’t forget to have a designated photographer to capture all the fun memories you will make!