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Brianna Picked a Winner! Lewis Helps With Wedding Planning

Lewis Wins Points By Taking Charge of Wedding Planning

Months and months, and sometimes years go into wedding planning. The responsibilities that come with planning a wedding involve finding a wedding venue, hiring an excellent wedding caterer, choosing the type of cake you’ll have and who will be the preferred cakery for the masterpiece, the music you’ll play at the wedding, how many guests to invite, when to send your wedding invitations, who will be the chosen wedding photographer, where and when you’ll honeymoon, and so much more.

You can imagine that when your partner helps with this process, the stress felt can certainly be minimized. Lewis was a champ and helped with the planning. That makes him a champ in our eyes!

We interviewed Amy, Brianna and Lew’s wedding photographer. Check out some of her work and nice things she had to say about the couple and Jones Crossing!

Amy Knowlton Photography captured this beautiful day featuring Brianna and Lewis at Jones Crossing.

Photographer’s Name: Amy Knowlton

Photographer Company Name: Amy Knowlton Photography

Website: http://www.amyknowltonphotography.com


Bride & Groom Names: Brianna & Lewis

Tell us about your experience at Jones Crossing and share why you think that Brianna and Lewis are perfect match:

Jones Crossing was a beautiful oasis! The lighting in the hall was fantastic and I loved the balcony. Brianna and Lewis were the most animated couple I have met. They laugh so freely and add humor to every situation. They are very clearly best friends first. Lew did a large amount of the wedding planning to ease Bri’s burden and bought her wedding shoes as well as beautiful new earrings for a wedding gift. Bri got Lewis a SWORD as a wedding present. See what I mean? Best friends who really know each other.



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