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Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music

You’ve chosen your colors, style and theme. Now it’s time to set the mood for your wedding ceremony with music. Whatever your musical preference, the songs you choose for the different times in your wedding day will personalize it and add emotion. Which songs, what moods and when do you want to play each song? Here’s a few simple tips and tricks to help you figure it all out. indy-wedding-venue-video


To start, keep in mind that music will be playing at different times throughout your wedding day. Each song will need to coordinate with whatever part of the event is happening. For instance, you wouldn’t want a dance party tune to be playing as you walked down the aisle. However, there are no limitations, other than being mindful of the venue that you are using. While a church does not forbid you from choosing non-religious music, it’s a good idea to run your selections by your officiant out of respect.


Typically, there are five segments of a wedding ceremony to have song selections for.


  •     Prelude: Played for 15 minutes to half hour before the ceremony. It is intended to welcome and play while seating your guests.
  •     Procession: This selection sets the pace for your bridal party to walk down the aisle. Leave a pause between the next piece, to signal the arrival of the bride, or continue on with this song selection. The traditional song is the Wedding March.
  •    Ceremony: Couples might choose one or several songs to be played at special parts of the ceremony.
  •     Recession: This music should be upbeat and joyous, typically louder and faster to coincide with the union and end of ceremony.
  •     Postlude: Still keeping with a mood of celebration, this is played while the guests are leaving the ceremony.


After the ceremony has concluded, if you have some lag time before your reception starts you may want to have a prepared playlist of music as background noise for conversation and casual mingling. Choose a song specifically for your grand entrance at the reception, if you’re planning to introduce yourselves that way.


Next comes the first dance. You and your fiance will want to pick a song that has special meaning to you as a couple. You can go with timeless and classical, whimsical and funny, or go modern and use one of the latest hits that year. If you’re including other symbolic dances, don’t forget to pick special songs that those too.


Depending on your personalities, style, and theme of your reception, you may want to pick a “last song of the night” to wrap up the party. Choose a song that matches your personalities but will also be familiar to guests, if possible. This will be the moment that leaves a lasting impression and leaves your guests with the warm fuzzies!


Whatever your choices of music, have fun with it and let your personalities shine. For further ideas and detailed lists of certain genres of songs, check Pinterest!

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