Darian + Karlie's Sweet November Wedding

Darian + Karlie's Sweet November Wedding

Darian & Karlie Grow Their Love With a November Wedding


Sidny Grow Photography Captures Darian & Karlie

With each wedding, we fall in love over and over again with love and weddings and everything in between. The marriage of Darian and Karlie is no different. The first photo says it all!

Sidny Grow picked some of her favorite highlights of her day with this cute couple at Jones Crossing for their wedding. See what she had to say as well as her view of a wedding at our place!

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Sidny’s thoughts on her day with us…

I loved photographing the Ditchley wedding at Jones Crossing!

Karlie is actually my cousin, so getting to hang out with her on her big day was such an honor! I also took their prom photos, as well as their engagement photos, and it has been so much fun watching their love bloom over the years.

Jones Crossing is such a great venue! Being a November wedding, we couldn’t take full advantage of the waterfall, but we still used it as a backdrop for some beautiful photos. I loved all the other hidden gems for photos, too; the spot in the office for Karlie’s dress photo, as well as overlooking both the ceremony and the reception from upstairs!