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He Said: Will You Be My Eternal Bowling Partner?

#OneStepCloserToGoode: The Wedding Hashtag Is Just The Beginning


Shannon & Johnathan Goode became husband and wife on September 9, 2017 at Jones Crossing. We see several brides sharing their excitement on Instagram and Facebook about their wedding leading up to their big day, but I can honestly say that Shannon has probably been the most excited bride to get married with us!

We were thrilled today when we got her #MyJonesWedding Love Story in addition to 5 star reviews on practically every directory online. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SHANNON! We appreciate you!

Curious about this awesome lady and who the lucky guy is? Wait no more. Here is their Love Story!

Wedding Date:

September 9, 2017


Lisa Law at Blush Photography | Find her on Facebook | Email her

The Too Goode To Be True Love Story:

My husband and I met back in 2009 through a mutual friend. I was actually engaged to be married to someone at the time. We kept in contact throughout the years. He and I went through a lot of changes and experiences in life. I moved to Boston and he moved to Florida. We never lost contact throughout those years. In the spring of 2014, he moved back to Indiana.

In November of that same year, I moved back as well. We reconnected and we have been together ever since. Our dating relationship was just easy. We fit perfectly together. We always spent time together, going out, going bowling, just enjoying each others company.

In June 2016, while working at my part-time job, he invited all of my friends and family up to my work. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, as they all frequently come to this place to hang out. This place held karaoke on Friday nights and he was never one to actually get up and sing.

This night was no different. Instead, he made me believe he was going to sing, when in fact his plan was to propose to me. As one of the things we like to do together most, he asked me to be his eternal bowling partner! Of course, I said yes!!

From that day forward, the planning process began. He was a very involved groom. He was interested in picking out the colors, the date, the centerpieces…. everything! I knew that our wedding was going to be perfect… and it definitely was!

How many Bridesmaids did you have in your wedding?


How many Groomsmen did you have in your wedding?


How many Flower Girls did you have in your wedding?


How many Ring Bearers did you have in your wedding?


What were your wedding colors?

Black and Tiffany Blue

Tell us about any special moments that you’d like to mention that were a part of your wedding:

One special moment we had was during our ceremony. Instead of doing a unity candle or unity sand, we did a love letter ceremony.

Before our wedding day, we wrote letters to each other expressing why we loved one another and what brought us to be married. These letters were not seen by the other, and they were locked in a box. The idea is that if we come to a difficult time in our marriage, we will then open the box, read the letters and remind ourselves of what we love about each other. If no difficult time occurs worthy of doing this, we will then open the box on our 10 year anniversary in celebration of our love. It was a very unique ceremony and one I will always treasure.

Did anything that you or Johnathan wore have special meaning?

As the old saying goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” I maintained this tradition with my dress and jewelry.

Obviously my dress was something new.

Something old and borrowed was my wedding jewelry. The jewelry belonged to one of my bridesmaids. She wore it in her wedding, she let another bride borrow it and wear it as well. I was the 3rd bride to wear the jewelry. To date, all brides who have worn the jewelry are in successful marriages!

My something blue was a necklace pendant that was given to me by my sister for my college graduation after my mom passed away. The pendant is a blue heart and on the back there is a saying that basically says that stars in the sky are possibly our loved ones looking down on us and showing they are happy.

It was truly special to me to have that pinned on the inside of my dress by my heart.

What made your wedding day the best day of your life?

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect.

From the weather to the cake, there is nothing I would have changed.

Jones Crossing and their staff made sure that our day was about us and that everything was perfect from beginning to the end! What made our wedding day the best day of our lives was because we were able to celebrate with so many of our family and friends. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and it was wonderful!

We were also honored to have a family member perform the ceremony. My cousin, who is like a sister to me, became ordained to marry us. It was truly special to have someone that knows us personally marry us.

How many guests were at your wedding?


Why did you pick Jones Crossing?

When we first walked in to Jones Crossing, it was set up for a wedding that was very elaborate!

We absolutely loved the elegant ballroom, the up lighting, the cake table set up, and the beautiful ceremony space.

But my first words to my fiance were “there’s no way we can afford this place!”

But we took the tour and talked through what they could offer us. When they gave us a price we were stunned!

Not only do they offer everything… but it is totally affordable.

After our initial meeting with the coordinator, we were able to meet the Jones family. They were so sweet and inviting, congratulating us on our engagement, and treating us like family before we even booked the venue.

I knew right then, this is were I wanted us to get married.

I am so happy I picked Jones Crossing as our wedding venue. Olivia and Nikki were absolutely fantastic! They were there every step of the planning process to answer any questions or make any changes we needed.

The food was amazing, the reception hall looked absolutely stunning, the cake was perfect, and our wedding day was everything we dreamed it would be!

I cannot thank Jones Crossing and their staff enough for making our wedding so perfect!


That’s all folks! All I can say is WOW. We are thankful to have customers like the Goodes and even more thankful that Shannon took the time to write this amazing love story for us.

Please stay tuned – we will be sharing photos of her wedding day as soon as they are ready!

Do you want to live out your dream wedding with Jones Crossing? If so, give us a shout. We would LOVE to have you join us!


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