How Our Wedding Venue Has Handled Covid_19 Rescheduling - Jones Crossing

How Our Wedding Venue Has Handled Covid_19 Rescheduling - Jones Crossing

An Update On Events At Jones Crossing

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Not unlike any other business in Indiana, we too have had to make provisions to continue operating safely and in accordance with Governor’s Executive Orders.

We have been very pleased with the response and support from our customers and community during this time. We would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our customers who have worked with us to ensure safety for everyone. As a small business, this means the world to us.

That said, we would like to share an update to offer a look into how we have handled the rescheduling of our previously scheduled weddings, receptions and other special events.


On March 16, 2020, we made the difficult decision, based on the Governor’s Executive Orders, to begin calling our clients to offer future available dates that would allow events to continue,  yet at a time that would be as safe as possible for everyone.

Kicking off our series of calls, we began with the events scheduled for March. The first few phone calls were tough, but the couples were amazing and so understanding!

Knowing that we would not be back in the full swing of business as usual by April, we also reached out to our April and May clients. We wanted them to have the opportunity to choose new dates that would hopefully result in the best possible outcome; a fully attended event. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, we wanted to be completely sensitive to the possibilities that loved ones may not be able to attend the events, so we offered these new dates at no additional cost to our customers.

Unfortunately, there were a small number of our couples that optimistically chose May as their preferred reschedule dates, but those dates ended up being rescheduled too as Covid_19 was present much longer than any of us anticipated. It broke our hearts to have to reschedule once again, but thankfully, most of our customers realized the safety issues at hand and worked with us.

In total, 17 events were rescheduled from the originally scheduled dates. Some chose to move to 2021, and we were able to accommodate them as well.

First Event Post-Quarantine: June 7, 2020

We are taking extra steps to prepare for our first event on June 7, 2020.  Per the Governor’s Executive Order, tables will be 6’ apart and a maximum of 6 guests will be seated at each table.  We have been in countless discussions ensuring we are taking extra cleaning precautions and are ready for our first event since February.  It has been a tough, arduous road, but we are optimistic and excited to start having events again.

Once again, we would like to extend a sincere, heartfelt offer of gratitude to our customers who have been so amazing to work with during this weird, unpredictable time in our history. You are truly a blessing to all of us at Jones Crossing. We can’t wait to demonstrate our hard work and dedication to you and your guests at your upcoming events with us!

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For any questions or inquiries about availability, how we are handling social distancing, or any other question that arises, please reach out to either Tricia or Olivia.

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