The (not-so-obvious) Wedding Checklist

The (not-so-obvious) Wedding Checklist

Feel like you’re forgetting something with wedding planning?

According to, there are 25 most forgotten items when planning a wedding.

Topping the list are:

Having a contingency plan for bad weather

Good news on this one – with Jones Crossing, if you do plan an outdoor wedding, we have the indoor ballroom set up and ready to accommodate you and your guests.

Knowing when the sun will set

To plan ahead for this one, take a look at weather apps like Yahoo or They give you a pretty good idea of when to expect the sun to go down and give your photographer a heads up for the time they should start prepping to capture magical shots like the one below from Quirstin Yeary Photography.


Arranging Event Lighting

Customizing every detail possible gives you the opportunity to really own your day. Choosing standard warm white lighting is just fine, however, including lighting that matches your wedding colors adds an additional pop that really makes the venue say “my wedding day”. Take a look at a few of our examples!



Not preparing for food allergies or restrictions

As someone without allergies or food restrictions, it may not be top of mind to consider someone who may have peanut allergies or eat a vegan diet. Be sure to consider food special diets when selecting your catering menu!

We offer a plethora of dining options thanks to Grafton Peek Catering. Check out our options on the catering page.

Want more tips?

The article shares several other really fantastic things that you should absolutely consider. Finish reading their recommendations, but in the meantime, download and hang onto this additional not-so-obvious checklist.

Download the

“Not-So-Obvious” Checklist