Resources To Help Research When Planning Your Wedding

Resources To Help Research When Planning Your Wedding

Your Wedding Planning is as Good as Your Research

As a soon-to-be-married couple, you may feel anxious when it comes to planning your wedding. There are times when a million abstract ideas float in your mind, and then there are times when you are completely blank. We understand that the process of planning a wedding is very detailed which is why research is the most important step!

Plan as a Couple

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Your wedding planning depends on how detailed your research is. A well-researched wedding plan helps a couple get a clear understanding of how things will progress and make preparations accordingly. Doing your research as a couple helps bring both of you on the same page regarding every aspect of the wedding to avoid any unwelcoming surprises later.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners always suggest couples to first research different platforms before making any arrangements. A well-thought-out plan helps generate new and unique ideas, keeps the budget according to plan and ensures organized and stress-free coordination until your big day.

Check Out Previous Weddings

Looking into weddings that have already been planned or have happened, help couples find new places, new themes and even new trends. Many couples have moved away from traditional church weddings and have started exploring outdoor wedding venues for better aesthetics. Because it is a different approach than usual, it takes more research and time to plan. Finding affordable wedding venues, wedding catering, decor and accommodating your guests according to your desired theme needs your dedication towards researching months in advance.

Attend Actual Weddings

What is a better place to research for your wedding than attending an actual wedding? You can get inspiration for everything when you see an entire event unfold and become a dreamy experience. Being a part of someone else’s wedding planning helps give you an insight as to how every decision made reflects the couple. Every wedding has a personalized touch, which is why it is the best place to research. If you like the caterers, décor, designers, venue or even just the band, you can keep them as an option till you can make any confirmations. This way, you can always go for a vendor you have already seen in action, rather than try a new one.

Create Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a platform that aids inspiration for every individual. The purpose of Pinterest is to create a board where you can save pins (pictures or videos) of different genres already posted by others. You can find a picture for literally anything on Pinterest. For example, if you search for barn style weddings, you will get different pins that show how this theme can be panned out. You can create your board where you can save multiple ideas and combine them according to our vision.

Talk to Family and Friends

Discussing and brainstorming ideas with your family and friends help put more minds to work. When you attend weddings, there is always something that stands out to you the most. A discussion will add on to your research process as more ideas will spring out. The objective is to make sure you get maximum information regarding your planning. If any of your aunts or uncles have had personal or professional experience with Indy weddings, they can guide you through almost the entire process.

Visit Different Event Management/Wedding Planning Websites

The most important asset while researching is to visit event management and wedding planning websites. They give you clarity regarding the final look of the wedding venue according to different themes. This helps give you an idea of how you want your wedding to look like and seek inspiration.

Bridal Magazines

Different designers, editors and photographers come together to create campaigns where their objective is to cater to soon-to-be-married couples. They put in extensive resources to create a unique wedding idea for every bride and groom. You can seek inspiration for any step of your wedding planning. There are dedicated features on bridal dresses, best catering services, trending venues and much more. The ultimate guide on your wedding planning is a bridal magazine.

Hire Jones Crossing

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