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Terrance & Vanessa’s Outdoor Wedding Video

A Video Recap of Terrance & Vanessa’s Jones Crossing Outdoor Wedding

Chayse Carmichael did an amazing job of capturing this beautiful story of love! Terrance and Vanessa are clearly head over heels for one another and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to host their special outdoor wedding this summer!

Photos Are Worth 1,000 Words, But Videos Speak For Themselves

You can tell from touring our website that we love to work with our photographers to get the best photo recaps of the weddings and receptions that we host at Jones Crossing. We can take decent photos, but the photographers that the couples hire for their wedding days are far more skilled, and they do a great job of showcasing these important days.

We are so thrilled that Terrance & Vanessa had Chayse Carmichael present at their wedding day to capture more than still shots. The video is something they can watch over and over and share with the family and friends that didn’t get to make it to the wedding.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Watch it here:


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