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Vanessa & Terrance Put in Work and Fall In Love

Squat Lunges at LA Fitness, McAlisters and Three Hour Phone Conversations Sealed the Deal

Bride: Vanessa

Groom: Terrance

Your Wedding Date: August 18, 2018

Your Photographer’s Name: Krista Yeley

Photographer’s Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/kristamariephotographyindy/

Tell Us Your Story:

Terrance and I met back in high school (Ben Davis High School) our junior year, 2007. We had some classes together and we seemed to just click. He was goofy and funny but had this caring demeanor about him at the same time.

As we became friends in high school, he says I was the one to ask him for his phone and suggested we hang out sometime. (I don’t remember this, because I was more shy when it came to guys, but maybe he just really made that impression on me).

We began to talk on the phone and realized we lived in the same neighborhood. We started to hang out outside of school. We’d have 3 hour long conversations in the car, go on walks, out to eat, and to stores together. We grew really close in high school, ang by the end of senior year and our long conversations were always so effortless and comfortable.

When we graduated high school, we went different paths though. I went off to college and he stayed local. We ended up not communicating anymore and going our different paths. It was really tough at first for me to lose him out of my life and I would frequently think about him in the years following.

We both experienced life in our young 20’s. We had bad relationships, but both also matured and learned from a lot.

At the end of July 2015, I was working out at LA fitness. This had become a frequent spot for me at that point in my life. Terrance also worked out at the SAME LA Fitness for years but we NEVER saw each other because he worked out early in the morning and I would work out late at night. He transitioned jobs, got a new schedule working in the mornings, therefore, his workouts moved to evenings.

Terrance said the first time he worked out in the evening he saw me from a far but didn’t know how to approach me. Thursday came around, I was in the gym with my best friend like usual, and we started doing squat lunges. Terrance said he saw me again and something told him that he had to just come up to he and say hi. I can remember it clearly, I was beginning to do a lunge and he tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and he said “do you remember me?” I IMMEDIATELY got a HUGE smile on my face and said, “of course I do! How have you been?” I was soooo excited to see him that day.

I remember telling my best friend who he was and how much he meant to me in HS. We didn’t exchange numbers that day but I was so anxious to he him again. The next day Friday, was my typical off day from the gym but I went anyways just in case he was there working out (he wasn’t :-/ ). However, on Monday I saw him again in the gym, we chatted for a while and decided to exchange numbers and meet up for lunch at McAlisters.

Our “catch up lunch” turned into 12 hours of hanging out that day. Almost 9 years had gone by since we were close in HS but that day felt as if we had been literally picked up where we left off. We never ran out of things to talk about and there was so much laughter and peace that day. From that day we started hanging out literally every day and when we weren’t hanging out, we would constantly be talking to each other on the phone.

Fast forward to the beginning of August – life happened QUICK for us.

Terrance says he knew the day we hung out for 12 hours that I was going to be his wife.

Spending every day with him was amazing. We always had so much fun, never ran out of things to talk about, and just fell in love with each other.

He proposed to me on November 23rd at his families big Thanksgiving get together. He set it up where I was arriving to the dinner with my sister. He had his nephew greet me at the door with a bouquet of roses, and as I walked in the door he candles and rose petals all leading down the hallway, he was standing at the end of the hallway with all of his and my family behind him.

As I got to him, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was an amazing night! We then found out in December that we were expecting our first child! Having a child so soon was not planned but we were both extremely excited.

Our daughter was born July 28th 2016, and then in March of 2017 we found out that we were expecting our 2nd child, a son. He was DEFINITELY unexpected! He was born November 3rd, 2017. They definitely keep us extremely busy and our hands full, but we couldn’t ask for better kids! They fill our hearts with love, laughter, and fun every day!

Since then we both have had several job transitions and I’m now beginning a doctorate program. Life is certainly is fast paced for us, but that never seems to hinder our love for each other.

Every Sunday we go to church as a family and then my mother watches our kids so Terrance and I can continue to have that much needed time to ourselves to love each other and grow as a couple. We truly complete each other and we know that God knew what he was doing all along with bringing Terrance and I together as one!

How Many Bridesmaids Did You Have? 4

How Many Groomsmen Did You Have? 4

How Many Flower Girls Did You Have? 1

How Many Ring Bearers Did You Have? 1

What Were Your Wedding Colors? Purple, gold, white

Special Moments to Note With Family or Friends?

My grandfather. My biological father has not been apart of my life since I was 3 years old. Therefore, my grandpa has always been that father/male figure in my life. He is one of the most loving and caring men you will ever meet.

July before my wedding he got admitted to the hospital and his health is continuing to deteriorate quickly. He will probably only have several more months to be here on earth with us. However, he was able to walk be down the aisle for our wedding and I was able to share that “father”/daughter dance with him.

I chose the song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlie because when I was a kid he use to sing that song to me all the time and our thing to do everyday was to give each other butterfly kisses on the cheek.

I am so happy I was able to share this day with him.

Songs You Picked and Why:

For our first dance we picked “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran ft. Beyoncé. We picked this song because when it came out it described our story to a tee. We listed to the words together one night and slow danced to it our living room and knew that that was the perfect song to do our first dance to!

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?

The best part of the wedding day for me, and I think also Terrance, was seeing all of our family and friends being there laughing hard and loving each other. Our reception seemed to go by so quickly because there was always something going on.

Our dance floor stayed packed the entire night! I sweated A LOT that day and night but it was worth it!

Smiles and laughter never left either one of our faces all night! It was truly a blast!

How Many Guests RSVP’d? 151

Why Did You Pick Jones Crossing?

The moment I saw the outside waterfall to have the ceremony, I fell in love! I could picture our ceremony there and it was so peaceful and beautiful.

Then when I saw the inside, it was a perfect space of what I’ve always imagined having my reception in.

I loved all the sparkle and lights and the bar area and the layout of the room. I had several venues scheduled to tour and Jones Crossing was my first one.

After I toured it, I knew it was the perfect spot and I actually cancelled the other tours we had scheduled for the other venues.

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple? Yes!

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