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Ryan & Olivia


Olivia Wheatley is one of Jones Crossing’s coordinators. She graduated from Mooresville High School in 2003.
Olivia provides a soft touch when brides need it most. Olivia runs and coordinates rehearsals and ceremonies and also assists with designing centerpieces.

Ryan Wheatley, one of Jones Crossing’s coordinators, graduated from Hamilton Southeastern in 2000. Not only does Ryan bring years of experience in management, but he also brings a lot of personality to the family business. Ryan coordinates indoor and outdoor ceremonies along with running the music for the ceremonies.

Together, Ryan and Olivia have two beautiful kids, Ty and Lux. Ryan and Olivia say that their favorite part of being coordinators is getting involved with the bridal party.

Note of interest: Ryan and Olivia were very involved in the remodeling of Jones Crossing and rightfully so; Ryan and Olivia were married on July 14, 2007. “It was awesome to have a family reception on our opening night.”