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Zack and Kay – Easy on the Icing With An Unfrosted Wedding Cake

Zack & Kay – A Natural Fit

We had the pleasure of hosting Zack and Kay for their recent wedding. The couple chose a really great photographer who found some unique angles of Jones Crossing that we were really pleased to see. Thanks so much Zack and Kay. We are happy that you picked us to host your big day!

Readers, we love this couple’s choice of pastel color palette and unfrosted cake. Kay’s hair is also so adorable. If there was a definition of a “natural” looking wedding, I think Zack and Kay hit it on the head with this beautiful collection of mediums and colors.

A quote from Darci Bodell of Bodell Photography:

Olivia was wonderful to work with! She kept everything organized and on time and the entire event ran very smooth. I always appreciate having a staff at the venue who are willing to help and Olivia was extremely helpful and very attentive. I would highly recommend Jones Crossing to anyone looking to have a beautiful event. Olivia and her team will definitely take care of you!

You can find more photos of Zack and Kay’s wedding on Darci’s blog here.

She is also on Facebook. Follow her!


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