The Start of Jones Crossing

The Jones Family has been in the business of serving other families since 1974.

In the heart of Mooresville, Indiana, lies a special place that holds the warmth and love of family. Jones Crossing, our beloved wedding and event venue, is more than just a business; it’s a labor of love, a tale of family ties, and a haven for creating unforgettable memories.

Back in December of 2006, our youngest daughter, Olivia, joyfully embarked on her journey to forever love. Just like any newly engaged couple, she dreamt of a perfect wedding day. Little did we know, this would set the stage for something magical.

At that time, we had the opportunity to secure a date at a local wedding venue. But fate had a different plan. We acquired a piece of land once graced by Grace Church in Mooresville, facing a decision. A decision that aligned with our family values and love for others: to either expand another business or embrace the chance to serve families by transforming the old church into a beautiful wedding venue.

With hearts full of love and thoughtful consideration, we chose to breathe new life into the property. We envisioned a place where love would bloom and cherished moments would be woven into the very fabric of the venue.

And so, the journey began.

July 14, 2007, marked our first wedding, a day filled with love and the promise of forever. Ryan and Olivia, our first couple, still pour their hearts into Jones Crossing, sharing their passion to ensure your special day is as magical as theirs.

Since that momentous day, we’ve had the honor of hosting over a thousand weddings and events. Each event, a beautiful chapter in our ever-growing family story.

Your journey at Jones Crossing is more than a date on a calendar. It’s an invitation to become a part of our cherished wedding family. We understand that your big day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and we’re here to make it nothing short of extraordinary.

As we look back on this incredible journey, we are filled with gratitude for all the couples who have made Jones Crossing a part of their love story. To all our friends and family who’ve stood by us, thank you for being our steadfast support.

We eagerly await the chance to meet you, to share in your love story, and to create everlasting memories that will make your heart smile. Your date, your dreams, and your love story are forever cherished here at Jones Crossing. Welcome to our family.

Why Choose Jones Crossing for Your Dream Event

  1. Comprehensive Support: At Jones Crossing, we believe in making your dreams come true. Our full-service approach simplifies the planning process by consolidating essential services under one roof. By reducing the need for multiple vendors, we ease the burden of coordination, ensuring a seamless and efficient event that’s tailored to your vision.
  2. A Family’s Dedication: More than just a venue, Jones Crossing is a testament to family values and commitment. As a family-owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, we pour our hearts and souls into every celebration. Your success is our success, and we strive to make every moment a reflection of our dedication and care.
  3. Perfectly Positioned: Centrally located just a short drive from Indianapolis International Airport and 20 minutes southwest of downtown, Jones Crossing offers the ideal location for your event. Our accessible venue provides ample on-site parking and ensures the safety and convenience of you and your guests. Plus, nearby lodging options guarantee a worry-free experience.
  4. Tailored Customer Care: Your satisfaction is at the core of our mission. We value your vision and desires, and we’re here to bring them to life. Our dedication to exceptional customer service means we listen closely to your needs, preferences, and dreams. From modernizing our spaces to curating a personalized ambiance with your chosen decor, linens, lighting, and more, we walk alongside you every step of the way. Witnessing the joy on our clients’ faces when their dreams materialize on their special day is what fuels our passion.

Join the Jones Crossing family, where your dreams become our mission, and together we craft extraordinary memories that last a lifetime.