Recently Renovated Bridal Suite

Our Gorgeous Bridal Suite & Ready Room

At Jones Crossing, your wedding day begins in style. We offer not just one but two separate suites for you and your fiancé to prepare for the big day. A bride’s wedding day is a whirlwind of moments, from finding the perfect dress to ensuring every detail complements her vision.

Our newly updated Bridal Suite, introduced in 2020, is designed to provide you and your bridesmaids with everything you need to get dressed, collaborate with hair and makeup artists, and unwind during those cherished moments of downtime.

Forget the hassle of running to multiple locations on your big day. Our Bridal Suite, featuring a fresh concept by Aimee Wheatley, is the ideal space to ensure you and your bridal party look and feel perfect.

Explore the photos of our newly improved Bridal Suite and begin envisioning your wedding day transformation.