Amanda & Kyran’s 2020 Outdoor Wedding


Rain or shine, this wedding would have been beautiful regardless of the conditions in the sky. Amanda and Kyran’s wedding pictures sure help Jones Crossing, a full-service wedding venue in Mooresville, Indiana, look absolutely amazing!

Their photographer was Alexis Decker. Alexis shared these gorgeous wedding photos with us of the happy couple’s wedding day. We hope you enjoy them!

From Alexis:

About the couple:
The couple was so sweet and so prepared for this day. They knew what they wanted and had everything planned perfectly! Such a fun couple to work with!
About the venue:
Jones Crossing is a beautiful venue. It was so fun photographing here as there are tons of places to get really good shots! The beauty room is stunning and the waterfall is to die for! From what I saw, Jones Crossing has their act together. Everything was done in such an organized and smooth manner. I was impressed! The DJ was nice and kept me in the loop with what was going to happen next! Loved this venue!!

Amanda and Kyran’s Wedding Day

Photo Recap by Alexis Rae Photography