Bethany & Andrew's Reception at Jones Crossing - MaryAlice Williams Photography

Bethany & Andrew's Reception at Jones Crossing - MaryAlice Williams Photography

Trust the process and you’ll find the one who makes you laugh for life!

Bethany and Andrew’s life plan is right on time

We try to learn more about each of the couples that choose Jones Crossing to host their wedding ceremonies and receptions. This story came to us from Bethany. She realizes that not all plans for her life are in her hands. Read her super sweet recap of how she and Andrew met and how their wedding day was one that was intentional and perfect.

Bride & Groom:

Bethany & Andrew

Wedding Date:

August 31, 2019

Photographer’s Name:

MaryAlice Williams

How to contact MaryAlice?

Email her!

How can I see the full album?

Check out her website by clicking here.

Ready for a sweet love story? Here is Bethany and Andrew’s!

Andrew and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old. At the end of 2016 we took a leap past friendship and the rest is history!

We often get ourselves in trouble because we never take life too seriously. We make each other laugh and enjoy the life God has given us together.

Andrew proposed under the lights at Christmas at the Zoo! Not even a week later, we booked our wedding at Jones! We knew from the start that our perfect reception would be at your beautiful venue!

Our lives have always seemed bound together, but we had to wait for God’s timing. Ours is a story of….soon, but not yet. Every step in our lives seemed to lead closer to one another, but the timing had to be right.

I hope our story can encourage those still wishing for their partner in life to know that God has a plan and that His timing is so much better than our own. If you looked at my “life plan” it would look like a failure. I didn’t end up where I wanted to be. That led to me returning home after college instead of moving away.

Andrew had to have major surgery that led to his need to move home after college. Only through our “failures, missteps, or unfortunate circumstances” were we led into each other’s arms. While I know Andrew and I would always be friends- if my “plan” had worked out, I never would have been able to love him as my husband.

God’s plan is certainly better than mine. Our love was so gradual that we almost didn’t notice it! Our faith gives us hope that we can conquer anything life throws at us. (Believe me, if we could know each other through puberty-plagued marching band summers, we can love each other through anything!)

We are so blessed by our families and friends who have been with us since day one. I FINALLY got to marry my best friend.

How Many Bridesmaids Did You Have? 4

How Many Groomsmen Did You Have? 4

How Many Flower Girls Did You Have? 0

How Many Ring Bearers Did You Have? 2

What Were Your Wedding Colors? Navy and Red with Gold Accents

On your wedding day, were there any special moments that occurred with family or friends?

Most of our “special” moments were during our ceremony at the church, but we did do something unique with our head table. Since all of our bridal party are married- we wanted them to sit with their families. So our head table consisted me, Andrew and our parents. Instead of sitting with my maid of honor, I ate dinner with my Mom. It was so great! They were so invested in the planning of the wedding and reception and it was so special to spend it with them that way! It was a win for everyone!

Photo by MaryAlice Williams Photography

Did you or Andrew wear anything special at your wedding?

I wore my mother’s pearl earrings that my dad got her on a mission trip to India. They were my something borrowed! I also had my bouquet wrapped in a bonnet that my Godparents gave me at my baptism. One thing that was fun is that my bridesmaids, mine and Andrew’s moms and I made dancing shoes for the reception. You can see a picture of them in the bridal party photos in the album we’ve shared. My shoes were Beauty & The Beast themed. It saved us from having to wear our heels. Decorating them was part of my bachelorette party!

What songs did you guys play at your wedding?

“Our Song” is “Best Friend” by Jason Mraz. It is a little lesser-known, but the lyrics seem to have been written just for us. It was our song before we even started dating. The whole song is a thank you letter to his significant other. That is so us! The way the song signifies gratitude for trust and choosing each other as best friends was perfect for us.

My mom has 5 sisters (she is #4 of 6, and her parents just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary) so at every wedding in our family, they dance to Sister Sledge “We Are Family.” So that was a no brainer!

My dad and I danced to “King of the World” by Point of Grace. It is a song written for a Daddy/Daughter dance and I have always been his princess, so that was perfect. I even wore a tiara!

My husband and his mother Kelly danced to “What a Wonderful World” by Louie Armstrong. Andrew is a trumpet player and has always loved that song. It was a great fit for them.

We also were intentional about asking the DJ to play “line dance songs” because our families love to DANCE! And those songs are so wonderful to get people up and moving!

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?

My husband and I are very involved in our church. It was important to us that everyone who came to our wedding knew that it was so much more than a promise to each other.

We made solemn vows to each other and to God. We take that very seriously and we asked our guests to be 100% present for that. That meant putting phones away. We were so incredibly excited to see so many eyes and faces throughout the whole day as people put their phones away. I highly recommend that all couples encourage that kind of genuine interaction at their wedding.

What truly made our day amazing were all the people who supported us. We structured our day so we spent time with the people who came to see us, not the photographer, not just our bridal party, but our families and friends!

How Many Guests RSVP’d? 250

Why Did You Pick Jones Crossing?

We have been to events at Jones before, and in Morgan County, so many venues are either too small or more rustic (like a barn setting), which was not our aesthetic.

I have always loved the high level of quality we have seen at events with Jones Crossing and that was only amplified through our experience of our wedding.

My family is large and has many businesses (catering, furniture rental, florist, etc.) so often my family ends up “working” the wedding in some way.

We wanted our wedding to be enjoyed by all! That was SO EASY with Jones Crossing. We were able to customize our services with ease- and everyone was kind and knowledgable. It was perfect. We have received compliments from EVERYONE we’ve talked to that our food was the best they have ever had at a wedding (I don’t disagree!).

From the first tour with Olivia to all the follow-up (that I was terrible at, and she never got upset!) to the day of, and even helping us locate a lost bag the day after – every interaction has been worth every penny and more.

We LOVED our reception at Jones Crossing. The only thing we wish is that we would have added another hour. It ended more quickly than we anticipated, and we could have danced the night away!

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple?

ABSOLUTELY! It is so worth it! Everything was wonderful!