Bridal Suite Makeover by Aimee Wheatley

The Bridal Suite Makeover – Before & After

Early in 2020, Jones Crossing partnered with Aimee Wheatley to create a refreshing, classy new bridal suite design for our brides and her court to enjoy on wedding day.

Prior to the renovation, the bridal suite was still roomy and had plenty of surfaces and areas for the bride to bring her bridesmaids to get ready for the main event in the suite. We have always offered this space separate from the groom so the couple can maintain their privacy before the ceremony. The decor was ready for an update!

We traded the burgundy painted walls for shimmery silver wallpaper. Traded the flowered comfy sofa for a beautiful, designer shimmery grey one. The bride and four of her bridesmaids can all sit in the beauty chair while enjoying a cocktail, getting their hair or makeup done, or just relaxing before game time.

The new suite updates are inviting and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

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Before Makeover

Aimee Wheatley’s Design Concepts

After Bridal Suite Makeover

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