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Chelsie & Ben’s Outdoor Wedding Ceremony – It’s About Lam Time!

Chelsie and Ben Picked Jones Crossing and Kahlie Mae for their outdoor wedding ceremony!

You already know that Kahlie Mae is one of our very favorite photographers. She always does such an amazing job for our couples and highlights our wedding venue in ways that we can’t replicate without talent like hers. It truly doesn’t matter what the wedding theme is, the season of the year, or time of day – Kahlie hits home runs every time.

It’s about Lam time!

Chelsie and Ben take the trophy on one of the most clever wedding hashtags we’ve seen! Theirs was #aboutlamtime. Are you searching for the perfect wedding hashtag? Check out this Wedding Wire resource to help you out.

Now for the pictures…

Special shout out to Grafton Peek Cakery and Indiana Carriage for contributing awesome to their day!

Let us walk you through the journey of Chelsie and Ben’s wedding at Jones Crossing. From the pre-wedding field pictures to the outdoor wedding ceremony and onto the indoor wedding reception, these guys were a blast to work with. We are happy to present you Mr and Mrs Lam!

Thanks Kahlie Mae! If you’re interested in booking her, you can find her here. 



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