Every wedding day is a canvas painted with laughter and tears of joy. At Jone’s Crossing, we cherish those magical moments that weave stories of love and togetherness. Amidst the soft rustle of anticipation and the gentle hum of excitement, there’s a space we create for our brides to share cherished moments with their dearest ones.

In the tender embrace of a first look, a symphony of emotions unfolds. For Desiree, this was a treasure trove of emotions shared with her two favorite men—the man she was about to vow forever to and her beloved father. The unexpected surge of emotions caught her by surprise, etching these moments as the heart of her wedding day. We couldn’t hold back tears of joy, and our cameras were but a veil for our own emotions!

Though all first looks are a serenade to the heart, the melody takes on an extra touch of tenderness during those precious daddy/daughter moments. As tears welled in our eyes, we felt the depth of these exchanges that go beyond words.

Desiree and Andrew, your journey touched us profoundly. Being part of your day, surrounded by your wonderful family and friends, felt like being embraced by warmth and love. As you embark on your new chapter in Texas, may your love story continue to blossom, and your days be filled with endless happiness.

Photographer: Courtney Carney Photography

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