The Beginning of Our Forever: Ellie’s Story on How She and Devan Met

The Beginning of Our Forever: Ellie’s Story on How She and Devan Met

Ellie and Devan’s Summer of ’18 Wedding at Jones Crossing

Bride: Ellie

Groom: Devan

Your Wedding Date: July 28, 2018

Your Photographer’s Name: Adam Brandt

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Last night’s wedding. Congrats Devan and Ellie! Enjoy Jamaica ??!

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The Beginning of Our Forever: Ellie’s Story on How We Met

Our story is as modern as they come.

Devan had just started an internship with the Indiana Pacers, and I was in my freshman year of college at the University of Indianapolis. We “matched” on a college-age dating app and after spending a month texting back-and-forth, Devan invited me over for dinner. A week later, we had our first real date at Napolese.

From the very beginning, our connection to each other was undeniable. It was crazy to think that we might have found the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. We spent the next two years growing as individuals and as a couple.

Devan graduated from Indiana University and accepted a job in Houston, while I had transferred to Indiana University to begin my sophomore year of college. Although we were both starting new chapters in our lives and relationship, we had no clue how difficult it would be moving 1000 miles apart.

While having continuing countdowns until our next time seeing each other, we have used this trial in our relationship to not only grow closer together, but to learn how to love and understand from afar.

Time together means so much more when it isn’t something that is easily had.

Facetime and Netflix dates have been our saving grace during this time, and we learned that our calls require deep, meaningful conversation in order to stay connected in our day-to-day lives.

Devan asked my parents for their blessing to marry their daughter in August 2016. After they eagerly and emotionally agreed, Devan spent the next 6 months creating the perfect engagement; one that would rival any fairy tale ever told.

Devan’s story of the proposal February 16, 2017

Ellie was getting ready for what she thought was going to be a date to celebrate our 2-year anniversary. I had told her that I wanted to go over to the beach to take pictures beforehand. Ellie was not thrilled at the idea because she didn’t want to get sand everywhere, but after a little convincing, she agreed.

We walked to the beach as the sun began to set, and once we were standing in virtually the same spot we first said “I love you,” I dropped down on one knee and asked Ellie to spend the rest of her life with me.

I had a photographer there (hiding, no less) to capture this perfect moment. Unbeknownst to Ellie, the surprises were just beginning. After she stopped crying and got over the initial shock, I told her that we weren’t actually spending a relaxing weekend on the beach as we had planned. We were headed to Disney in the morning to continue the celebration.

Upon our arrival, I had a manicure scheduled at the spa of our hotel, knowing the pictures that would be taken of Ellie’s hand and ring. I also made dinner reservations for our favorite restaurant, California Grill, atop the Contemporary resort, overlooking the Magic Kingdom. These reservations are not easy to come by, so Ellie was so surprised when I told her that I had gotten reservations for us to celebrate.

What she didn’t know, is that our entire families were going to be waiting for us when we got to dinner. Fourteen of our closest family members had managed to keep a secret for over 6 months. Looking back, we aren’t sure how they kept that big of a secret for so long, but I will never forget the look on Ellie’s face when we got off the elevator and she saw everyone sitting there to surprise her. It was truly a magical weekend filled with much love and happiness.

Ellie’s Story on the Wedding

We planned the most magical day for almost a year and a half. We actually only looked at one venue and fell in love with Jones Crossing when we first toured it.

The day was perfect with almost 300 people there to celebrate with us. Our outdoor wedding could not have had more perfect weather for the end of July. My mom, family and friends had all put countless hours into working on details and decorations.

When I walked into our reception I was so amazed at the beauty and how well every detail had came together. Our guests have continued to rave about everything that Jones crossing and Grafton Peek provided from the food, venue, DJ, and definitely the cake.

Devan and I are still in awe of how it was the best day of our lives. We could not have asked for anything more than to have all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us at such a beautiful location!

How Many Bridesmaids Did You Have? 8


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Lotta sass. Lotta class.

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How Many Groomsmen Did You Have? 8

How Many Flower Girls Did You Have? 1

How Many Ring Bearers Did You Have? 1

What Were Your Wedding Colors? Navy, Blush, and Rose Gold

Songs You Picked and Why:

First Dance: 1200 days (beautiful choice!)

Father- Daughter Dance: Dance with my Daughter

Mother Son Dance: Forever young

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?

Our wedding was the best day of our lives because all of our friends and family were in one place to celebrate with us. The day was completely perfect. Every detail of the venue was absolutely beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been any better.

How Many Guests RSVP’d? 289

Why Did You Pick Jones Crossing?

We picked Jones Crossing because it was a central area between both of our families and friends. We loved the outdoor fountain for our ceremony and that we could have everything for our wedding at one place.

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple? Yes


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