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Aaron& Casey Elope, Host Wedding Reception at Jones Crossing

Considering Eloping in Lieu of a Big Ceremony? Celebrate With a Reception Only at Jones Crossing

Maybe you’ve had a dream wedding spot picked out since you were really young. Maybe the thought of planning a wedding for months and months sounds awful to you. Or, maybe a small, intimate ceremony with just you and your spouse and the witnesses necessary to seal the deal sounds dreamy. That’s totally okay!


Photo by Beth Waterman Photography

Aaron and Casey chose to elope but knew that hosting a reception for their loved ones to celebrate their marriage was the right thing for them. We are pleased to share with you that you don’t have to have your wedding and reception with us. You can absolutely get married somewhere else and invite up to 400 of your closest friends for a beautiful, catered, exciting reception at Jones Crossing!

Aaron and Casey did just this. We are so glad they picked us to host it! Can you tell where they got married after looking at the photos? Their entrance is so cute!

We interviewed their photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

As Beth mentions, you can totally see how in love they are just by viewing their photos.

We had a brief word with Beth while gathering some photos to share with you. Take a peek below!

Who is Beth?

Name: Beth Waterman

Company NameBeth Waterman Photography

How can we find you on Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/bethwatermanphotography.com

Bride & Groom Names: Aaron & Casey S.

Tell us about your experience at Jones Crossing:

“As usual, Jones crossing managed to make another wedding day beautiful!

Aaron & Casey struck me right away as being deeply in love. Since they eloped, it was truly a blessing to be able to document their celebration with their family and enjoy watching their wedding video along with all of their friends and family.”



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