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Kelsie & Jacob Found Love and Then Found Jones Crossing

Kelsie & Jacob Weren’t Expecting Marriage, But They Are So Happy It Happened!


Photo by Penny Johnson Kelp

Bride Name: Kelsie

Groom Name: Jacob

Your Wedding Date: October 1, 2017

Your Photographer’s Name: Penny Johnson Kelp

Tell Us Your Story:

Jake and I had gotten together while I was a Freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. Neither of us had any intentions in dating but we decided to give it a chance because it felt right. We moved into our first apartment together on my 18th birthday, and he proposed to me in our living room one day after work. We are best friends, and couldn’t ever imagine our life apart.

How Many Bridesmaids Did You Have?: 5

How Many Groomsmen Did You Have?: 5

How Many Flower Girls Did You Have?: 2

How Many Ring Bearers Did You Have?: 2

What Were Your Wedding Colors?: Red

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?: It was perfect and I got to spend the day celebrating the love between me and my best friend!

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple?: Definitely!


We thank Kelsie for sharing her photos with us as well as a little background on her love story!

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