UPDATED WITH VIDEO! Kyndel & Jordan - Bonding Over Gaming Conventions and Japanese Culture

UPDATED WITH VIDEO! Kyndel & Jordan - Bonding Over Gaming Conventions and Japanese Culture

Kyndel and Jordan – Uniquely Wonderful.

Learn more about this beautiful couple in this super sweet love story. From the way that they met, to the way that Jordan proposed, and to the neat tidbit about who officiated their wedding, this story will have you saying awww the whole way through.

UPDATE! Just added: Full Video of Kyndel and Jordan’s Wedding Day!


Wedding Date: May 10, 2019


Kyndel and Jordan’s Photographer: Cory Harbour

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Kyndel’s Facebook Message & Gaming Conventions

She had to message him AGAIN to let him know it was a joke. Things took off from there. They immediately bonded over their love for video games,YouTube, Japanese culture, and craft beer. Jordan says he knew Kyndel was the one, when she wanted to attend gaming conventions with him!

More than common interest, they bonded over their different backgrounds. It is amazing how similar their interests are, but they share new things with each other all the time. Their quirky humor, goofy ways, even when they finish each other’s sentences; it was always such an obscure, random thought that no one else would have thought of.



After being together for over a year, they bought their first house together March 31st, 2017. They have been renovating the home slowly, but surely ever since then. Jordan’s dad found the house for them and he was excited to see them turn it into their own.

Even during days when they feel like it’s too much to handle, they keep strong and still work on the house because his dad would have wanted them to.

Fast forward over a year later through a ton of parties, gaming conventions, home renovations, school, working and taking care of two little girls, they knew they needed a vacation.


Much-Needed Vacation

Kyndel had never seen the ocean before. Jordan knew that this would be the best time to propose to her on the family vacation to the Gulf Shore. Having never seen the ocean much less never been on vacation, this was the perfect time. They had already been together for 2 1/2 years and knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

A few days into the vacation, Jordan took Kyndel out to dinner and he was very anxious the whole time. Afterwards they headed back to the house and decided to take a stroll along the beach. During their walk, Jordan’s family set up a bunch of candles in the shape of a heart in the sand at the end of the dock. They then put the ring in the middle of it.

As the couple were walking back, Kyndel saw fire near the dock but wasn’t wearing her glasses and couldn’t make out what was going on. She thought his cousins had started a fire or something! As she got closer it all came in to focus and Jordan stepped inside of the candles, picked up the ring and got down on one knee and the rest is history …



A few details about their wedding

Wedding Colors:

Blush, ivory and lots of greenery with hints of rose gold

Special Moments:

One of the biggest moments for us was taking Holy Communion together for the first time as husband and wife. Just two weeks prior Jordan was confirmed in the Catholic faith and I was baptized and confirmed.

Special Meaning of Items Worn:

Jordan‘s dad unexpectedly passed away two years ago so he wanted to keep him close on our wedding day. He wore his dad’s Saint Christopher necklace with his dad‘s wedding band looped on it, around his neck. He had it tucked in his shirt for the entire day. I wore a bracelet that Jordan‘s mother gave me for my baptism during this past Easter vigil. I was searching high and low for my “something new“ and I realized that the bracelet she gave me was perfect! Plus it was rose gold.

Tell us about the music you picked!

For our first dance we chose a Japanese song from this band called Akeboshi “Yellow Moon”. I have a huge obsession with the Japanese culture and I found the song a couple of years prior to meeting my husband. He came over to my apartment and I had it playing. My oldest daughter and I were dancing around to the song. He sat on the couch, listening to it, watching us dance and goof off. Something about that moment and that song made him fall in love with it and right then and there he knew that would be our song.

What Made Your Wedding Day the Best Day of Your Life?

We both agree that we loved every aspect of the wedding day. Being surrounded by our loved ones, devoting ourselves to each other, and dancing the night away, but what made it even more special for us, is that in our traditional Catholic wedding we were the ministers. Our priest is there as an official witness for the Church but in a Catholic ceremony with Mass the bride and groom are the ministers. It’s so beautiful that we got to officiate our own wedding.

How Many Guests RSVP’d?


Why Did You Pick Jones Crossing?

We chose Jones Crossing because they had so much to offer. We didn’t have to worry about so many little aspects of the reception. The staff was amazing and extremely helpful. We of course loved how gorgeous the interior and exterior of the property was. You can tell that the owners are extremely proud and take good care of the venue. We knew this place would be a jaw dropper for everyone!

Would You Refer Jones Crossing to Another Couple?

100% yes. Absolutely!


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