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Lindsay & Mary Cover Their Something Blue With a Blue Wedding Cake

Who Says Your ‘Something Blue’ Can’t Be Your Wedding Cake?

When we think of winter, often times, shades of blue come to mind. Personally, I think of the beautiful midnight blue sky with a full moon at night. Ice and snow also appear in my mind as lighter shades of blue. It is probably from memories of cartoons and drawings that I can recall growing up. Or maybe it is that blue symbolizes the frigid temperatures that we experience in the midwest. Who knows?

Beth Waterman Photography

One thing that I do know is that the beautiful cake and dresses that Lindsay and Mary picked for their wedding say “winter” without having to experience the cold. Thanks ladies!

The Wedding Photographer

We were happy to hear from Beth a few days ago. She shared a sweet note about these two ladies who are head over heels for one another! Beth was just as happy to be a part of their special day as we were.

Here’s what Beth had to say!

Photographer Name: 

Beth Waterman

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Here Is What Beth Had To Say About The Happy Couple; Lindsay & Mary!

“Lindsay & Mary really are one of the happiest, most in love couples I have ever met. I knew right away I wanted to share their special day with them. I was happy to have an opportunity to photograph their wedding at Jones Crossing and the venue did not disappoint. It was a spectacular day with a spectacular couple!”


If you are reading this and you like Beth’s work, reach out to her! She would love to learn more about  your upcoming special event. If you like what you see from our venue, click the Book a Tour image below and get started!



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