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Rachel and Will Celebrate With a FUN Wedding Reception

Wedding Receptions Should Be This Fun!

I think I just spent an hour straight looking through the stunning shots that Abigail K Photography took of Rachel & Will’s wedding reception at Jones Crossing. Have you ever looked through a set of photos and felt like the phrase “a photo is worth 1,000 words” was created because of the album you were looking at? That is what I just experienced. Abby did such a nice job capturing happiness and warmth from not just the bride and groom, but all of their family and friends in attendance.

Watch the faces of the guests as the toasts are given. Look at the loving gazes from Rachel and Will to one another. This is what love is. From the kisses, dances, hugs, smiles, and laughter, the happiness and love just radiates from these photos.

This album also does an awesome job of showing off what weddings and receptions look like in black and white!

We are honored to have been selected as the wedding reception venue for Rachel and Will. Need to book your venue? Start here!

Need a wedding photographer? Reach out to Abby!

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