Reflection From The First Weddings at Jones Crossing Amid Coronavirus

Reflection From The First Weddings at Jones Crossing Amid Coronavirus

How Are Weddings Going at Jones Crossing During Covid?

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Questions surrounding weddings at Jones Crossing while we deal with Coronavirus are asked regularly.

  • How are you handling food?
    • We are serving our guests one table at a time and our staff is wearing masks. We also serve the couple at their table so they don’t have to worry with the line and experience complete bliss on their wedding day.
  • Are your staff wearing masks?
    • Yes! We don’t want to contribute to the spread of the virus, so we are wearing masks until further notice.
  • Are you requiring that your guests wear masks?

All of these are great concerns and questions.

In accordance with the social distancing guidelines implemented by the Governor, Jones Crossing has proceeded with weddings and events keeping in mind the safety of our staff and guests.

Here is how the first wedding went, per Olivia, Jones Crossing Event Director.

Hey Liv: Can you share with our readers how the first weddings went as we were able to re-open during Covid?

Sure! The couple’s guest counts have dropped a little, but that did not stop their big days!

All of our staff had masks on to protect our team as well as the bridal party and guests who attended.

Our staff worked extra hard helping where needed and to help everyone feel safe.

One of the first couples was Jennifer and Brian. They enjoyed their special day at Jones Crossing with their close family and friends. They added on their ceremony last minute to have an all-inclusive day at Jones Crossing rather than having to commute from venue to venue to complete their wedding day experience.

As a bonus, Brian asked Jennifer while they were at the final meeting to solidify the guest count and other wedding day details if he could get the blue uplights for their day and yes! He got his blue uplights! Our uplights really do give the room that extra ounce of color needed for a wedding day. We’ll share photos with you below. 🙂

Wedding Ceremony & Reception in One Location

Having both the ceremony and reception at Jones Crossing works out so nicely for the bride and groom and all of their guests.

There is no travel time in between the wedding and reception.

Having it all in one location works out perfectly!

Jones Crossing is ready and prepared to go from ceremony to reception seamlessly.

After the ceremony is over, and you are finishing your wedding photos, we are taking care of your guests.

The bar opens immediately following your wedding or they can get a beverage from the drink station. The DJ kicks on some dinner music and your celebration begins.

Daily Changes To Wedding Plans Due To Covid

As we go into each week with a new event, there are guests that even though they might not pick up the phone to call, will want to know how everything will be at Jones Crossing on their bride’s day especially as we are getting through the virus.

Jones Crossing is one step ahead of the game. We are ready to work hard and give an extra hand when needed. We are keeping the bathrooms cleaned, taking extra precautions, and keeping up with social distancing throughout each event.

My advice, as an event coordinator to the bride and groom, would be to help your guests feel comfortable.

Let your guests know that you want them there on your special day.

Let them know that Jones Crossing is ready and following the governments guidelines.

We are keeping the tables 6 feet apart as well as only having 6 guests to a table.

Our staff is going the extra mile to serve the food at the buffet as each individual comes through the line as well as our drink station.

Come hungry, enjoy your time, have some fun on the dance floor, eat some cake, and help celebrate the bride and groom!

They deserve THEIR day at Jones Crossing!

If you’d like to explore a wedding at Jones Crossing, start by completing the form below. We’ll answer all of your questions and help you rest assured that you are making the right decisions for you, your partner, your party, and your guests on your wedding day.

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