Ship Date Received - Last Minute Wedding Accommodated - 2010 Wedding @ Jones Crossing

Ship Date Received - Last Minute Wedding Accommodated - 2010 Wedding @ Jones Crossing

Stephen and Christina – Married at Jones Crossing in 2010!

A Jones Crossing Winter Wedding Throwback

We received a delightful Facebook message a couple days ago from Christina. She said that she saw our winter wedding posts and that she too had a winter wedding with us. Of course, we had to hear her love story! She expressed such gratitude to the Jones Crossing team for accommodating she and Stephen’s short timeline for wedding planning as he would soon get the news of his deployment from the U.S. Military. Read their story! 

Where it all started…
On December 9, 2007 Stephen Monteleone asked Christina Holder to be his girlfriend after spending a solid 24 hours talking and getting to know one another.

A short three months later on a trip to Chicago he asked her to be his wife.

Fast-forward two years later to November 2009: Christina received a text message from Stephen who was away at drill for the United States Army.

The message simple stated, “I’m getting deployed overseas in March 2010.”

One thing was certain from that moment that they wanted to be married prior to him leaving. This proved very difficult to plan as they were both attending Indiana State University and about to complete finals.

With the love and support of their families they told them the news and they all stepped up to help plan our wedding.

First, they chose their location of Jones Crossing and the date of January 3rd, 2010. This left them with under two months to plan their wedding!

Due to the winter they wanted to keep everything in one location and settled on a cabaret set-up.

One of the biggest compromises we had to make was settling on the fact they wouldn’t have their summer wedding they had been talking about. But, they knew that as long as they were married and were able to do so in front of their families, they would be happy.

Of course, true to Indiana weather they got hit with a few inches of snow the night before their wedding but, they made the most of it and said, “I do.”

On this day they also committed themselves to staying loyal and supporting one another through whatever the military put before them.

On April 4, 2010 (the day before Christina’s birthday) they attended the departure ceremony with their families. This was the longest year of their entire marriage, but they have persevered.

They are quickly approaching their 9th wedding anniversary. They have also began talking about renewing their vows for our 10th anniversary to finally have the summer wedding they always dreamed of.