The New Wedding "Normal" - 4 Tips For Coronavirus Wedding Safety

Preparing to attend a wedding this summer?

Like others, you may be concerned about how safe it will be to attend events amid the Coronavirus presence in our nation. It’s a natural concern, so we hope this blog post will help you prepare for the next wedding you attend while adhering to the social distancing guidelines in Indiana.

Top 4 Coronavirus Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

These are the four most common questions asked when we speak with our couples at this time.

Question 1: Should I wear a mask to the wedding?

We absolutely welcome our guests wearing a mask. Although it is not required, if you would feel more comfortable wearing your mask, please do.

Our staff will have a mask on for events in June and possibly in July.

Whatever makes you most comfortable, please do that.

Question 2: How close will guests sit to one another?

It is important that we respect social distancing guidelines with our events. In doing so, we will have tables spaced 6 feet apart and we will only have up to 6 at a table, rather than the standard 8-10 capacity.

Question 3: How are catering buffets handled? Won’t there be a lot of germs?

Great question.

Until further notice, we will handle food service a little differently. The traditional self-service buffet line will make a comeback at some point, but for now, our catering staff will be there to serve guests as they come through the line – with six feet of space between each guest.

Question 4: What about beverages? How will drinks be handled?

Similar to the buffet line, our drink station of coffee, tea, water, and lemonade will also be staffed to pour each beverage.

If you think of any other questions, please reach out to Olivia!

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Come and enjoy your family at friends safely at Jones Crossing!