Are you on the lookout for a wedding venue in a private, yet central location in Indiana, with modern amenities? Well, you’re in luck! Allow us to introduce Jones Crossing Banquet & Event Center, your dream destination for wedding venues in Greencastle.

Address: 4161 East Allison Rd. Mooresville, Indiana

brittany ricky 1797

brittany ricky 1797

Introducing Jones Crossing

A Breathtaking Venue for Your Greencastle Wedding

Imagine walking into a venue that exudes elegance, warmth, and the promise of a day to remember—welcome to Jones Crossing Banquet & Event Center. Nestled in Mooresville, nearby Greencastle, Indiana, this stunning location has become a sought-after destination for couples looking to tie the knot in style.

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brittany ricky 1744

Unveiling the Charm of Jones Crossing

From breathtaking outdoor spaces complemented by serene waterfalls to meticulously manicured gardens, and luxe interiors, Jones Crossing delivers an unrivaled charm that’s sure to enchant. When you choose Jones Crossing, you’re not just choosing a venue; you’re curating an experience—one that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship and the celebration of your love.

Client Reviews

Reviewed on 12/12/2022 by Matt M.

We had a wonderful experience with Jones Crossing for our wedding reception! Olivia and Tricia were both amazing at guiding us through the process and also being there to answer any questions we had, no matter how minuscule they were. They worked with us from day one to make sure everything was perfect. Their experience really shows, as they brought up multiple things for us to consider that we didn’t think of ourselves. It was a great experience to work with them both. The staff at the reception were also fantastic. Their food and drink choices were excellent and we were thrilled with how everything turned out. We had so many guests come up and tell us how amazing the reception was!

bentley3rdbday 1077

bentley3rdbday 1077

Reviewed on 6/16/2022 by Robyn W.

This venue is gorgeous and everything I could have ever imagined! Olivia and Tricia are SO helpful and organized. All of their package add-ons were perfect for what we were looking for, and they were very lenient and accepting of our theme! Our wedding was absolutely a day/night that we will remember for the rest of our lives! Thank you to ALL of the Jones Crossing staff!

DSC 2637

DSC 2637

Plan Your Dream Indiana Wedding at Jones Crossing

We’ve created this helpful map so you can make the most out of your wedding day (or weekend)! Check out our favorite local spots for dining, lodging, and sightseeing.

Venue Highlights and Features

Elegant Spaces for Your Ceremony and Reception

At Jones Crossing, we present enchanting spaces designed to embrace every cherished moment of your special day. Imagine exchanging vows bathed in sunlit outdoors or within a beautifully adorned banquet hall, setting the stage for a truly romantic ceremony. Our reception areas seamlessly blend sophistication with comfort, creating an atmosphere where every guest not only witnesses but truly feels the magic of your celebration.

Outdoor Waterfall Ceremony

In this idyllic ceremony space, your romantic vows find a one-of-a-kind backdrop. The tranquil ambiance, courtesy of the cascading waterfall, envelops you and your guests in a soothing embrace. Beyond its calming effect, the waterfall transforms into a spectacular backdrop for your photos—capturing moments that will be cherished and revisited forever.

Banquet Hall

The perfect venue for any large gathering where memories are to be made and festivities are to be enjoyed. Step into the expansive banquet hall at Jones Crossing, a versatile venue meticulously designed to host elegant receptions and joyous celebrations. With ample space for dining and dancing, our banquet room provides the canvas for you to customize everything to your unique style, ensuring a truly memorable and personalized reception. This is our most popular venue for hosting a variety of events, including banquets and rehearsal dinners.

Exclusive Bliss: Enjoy Our Suites!

For the first four hours of your special day, indulge in the luxury of our two exquisitely designed suites. Crafted for comfort and convenience, these private getaways provide a tranquil sanctuary for you and your wedding party to get ready, capture memorable photos, and savor intimate moments before the celebration commences.

Bridal Suite

Indulge in luxury and comfort within Jones Crossing’s exclusive bridal suite, thoughtfully designed with the bride and her party in mind. Adorned with full-length mirrors, hardwood floors, and elegant furnishings, our bridal suite offers a relaxing and stylish retreat for pre-wedding preparations. Enjoy some time with your gals in your very own boutique suite!

bentley3rdbday 001521

bentley3rdbday 001521

Groom’s Room

Find comfort in Jones Crossing’s dedicated groom’s room, a relaxed space where the groom and his party can unwind and prepare for the ceremony ahead. Complete with comfortable seating, entertainment options, and convenient amenities, our groom’s room sets a laid-back atmosphere, ensuring a stress-free environment for seamless pre-ceremony preparations.

Suite 1 Features

Suite 2 Features

5 Hair+Makeup Stations for getting ready

Newly Remodeled spacious suite for any sports fan

Cozy sitting area

Flat Screen TV to watch the big game before the wedding begins

Large Bridal Mirror

2 Pub Tables

Barn Door changing room

Black Leather couch

Dining table

A private entrance overlooking the ballroom

2 large windows for natural light–great for bride photos

Standing floor mirror to make sure you all look great for the big day

Tons of cute picture opportunities with the wood wall, vintage couches, and more

Customizable Wedding Packages to Fit Your Needs

At Jones Crossing, you will find that the wedding packages are skillfully tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your big day fits your vision perfectly. We understand that no two love stories are the same, and neither should be the celebrations.

  • Personalized Options: Whether you need full-service planning or just the essentials, packages can be customized to include everything you desire.
  • Catering Flexibility: From gourmet dining experiences to casual comfort foods, our catering menus can be adjusted to your tastes and budget. Let’s not forget the sweet centerpiece – choosing the perfect wedding cake should be a delightful part of your journey.

How Jones Crossing Stands Out Among Local Options

Jones Crossing distinguishes itself from other local venues through our unique combination of picturesque outdoor settings and affordable luxury. Here’s how it stands out:

Comprehensive Assistance

Jones Crossing, featuring exquisite architecture, is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality through our holistic services and breathtaking skyline views. Our all-inclusive approach streamlines the planning process by consolidating crucial services under one roof, reducing the need for multiple vendors and ensuring a seamless, efficient event tailored to your unique vision.

A Heritage of Commitment

More than just a venue, Jones Crossing embodies the essence of family values and unwavering dedication. As a family-owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, we infuse our celebrations with genuine commitment to host your family gatherings. Your triumphs become our triumphs, and we are devoted to ensuring every moment reflects our unwavering care.

Prime Location

Conveniently located a short distance from Indianapolis International Airport and only 20 minutes southwest of downtown, Jones Crossing offers an ideal setting for your event. Our accessible venue provides ample on-site parking, prioritizing the safety and convenience of you and your guests. Additionally, nearby lodging options guarantee a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Tailored Customer Care

At the core of our mission lies your satisfaction, elevated with a touch of sophistication. We honor your vision and aspirations, diligently working to bring them to life. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service means we attentively listen to your needs, preferences, and dreams. Whether modernizing our spaces or curating a personalized ambiance with your chosen decor, linens, lighting, and more, we accompany you every step of the way, creating the perfect vibe. Witnessing the joy on our clients’ faces when their dreams materialize on their special day is the driving force behind our passion.

Planning Your Perfect Day at Jones Crossing

Essential Details on Capacity and Site Uses

Nailing down the logistics, including navigation is a key part of planning your dream wedding. At Jones Crossing, we’ve got the details covered to ensure your event is tailored to just the right size:

  • Capacity Flexibility: Comfortably accommodating up to 300 seated guests, the venue is perfect for both intimate and larger weddings.
  • Versatile Use of Space: Whether you’re hosting a ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, or meeting, we offer both indoor and outdoor spaces that are versatile for any event style or purpose.

What’s Included?

At Jones Crossing, the perks included with your venue rental go beyond providing a space for celebration—it’s ideal for events that revolve around bringing people together, like weddings or reunions that hold special significance.

  • Up to 300 Guests
    • Jones Crossing accommodates a generous guest capacity, providing ample space for celebrations of varying sizes.
  • Exclusive Access On Your Wedding Day
    • Enjoy the luxury of exclusive access to the venue on your special day, ensuring an intimate and private celebration.
  • 6 Private Acres, 20,000 Indoor Sq. Ft.
    • Embrace the beauty of the sprawling 6-acre property, complemented by a spacious 20,000 sq. ft. indoor area, offering diverse event possibilities.
  • Plenty of Tables and Chairs
    • Well-equipped with an abundance of tables and chairs to cater to your event’s seating requirements.
  • 3 Incredible Ceremony Sites
    • Choose from three stunning ceremony sites, each offering a unique backdrop for your exchange of vows.
  • Set Up & Tear Down
    • Benefit from the convenience of professional set-up and tear-down services, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments of your celebration.
  • 9 Crystal Chandeliers & Exquisite Lighting
    • Illuminate your event with the glamour of nine crystal chandeliers and exquisite lighting, creating a captivating ambiance.

  • Incredible Money-Saving Decor Options
    • Explore a range of incredible, budget-friendly decor options to enhance the aesthetics of your celebration without compromising on style.
  • Separate Bridal and Groom Suites
    • Indulge in the luxury of separate bridal and groom suites, providing private spaces for pre-wedding preparations and relaxation.
  • Onsite Wedding Directors to Support You
    • Enjoy the support of onsite wedding directors who are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and stress-free celebration.
  • Climate-Controlled Indoor Spaces
    • Experience comfort in climate-controlled indoor spaces, allowing for a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the external conditions.
  • Stunning Indoor Ballroom with Dance Floor
    • Dance the night away in a stunning indoor ballroom equipped with a spacious dance floor, creating the perfect setting for celebration.
  • In-House Catering Team & Bar Services
    • Delight in the convenience of in-house catering and bar services, offering a delectable array of culinary delights and beverage options.
  • Optional In-House Vendors and Services
    • Customize your celebration with optional in-house vendors and services, providing a tailored experience to meet your unique preferences.


Are there any resources I can use to plan my Indiana wedding?

The Knot – Indiana Wedding: The Knot Worldwide provides an extensive list of wedding venues, service providers, and real wedding ideas tailored to Indiana, serving as a valuable tool for your wedding preparations.

WeddingWire – Indiana: WeddingWire’s Indiana section offers access to various vendors, reviews, and planning resources to assist you in coordinating your wedding within the state.

Do you charge a site fee for wedding ceremonies at Jones Crossing?

Yes, Jones Crossing does have a site fee for wedding ceremonies. This fee includes the use of the space, along with various amenities.

What is the starting site fee for wedding receptions during peak/off-peak season at Jones Crossing?

For those considering an off-peak wedding date, the fees can be significantly lower, presenting an opportunity for savings.





Peak Season

May-October (except July)









Non-Peak Season

March, April, July, & November









Winter Special

December, January, February









Do you offer discounts for veterans and military personnel?

Yes! At Jones Crossing, our heartfelt gratitude extends to all veterans and military personnel. In honoring and appreciating your dedicated service, we’ve curated a special discount exclusively for our brides and grooms. It’s our sincere way of expressing appreciation, ensuring that your wedding experience is not only marked by celebration but also acknowledges the dedication and sacrifice you’ve selflessly given.

DSC 2762

DSC 2762

Curious about planning a wedding in Indiana? Here’s the lowdown:

Average Wedding Cost: Keep in mind that the final expense depends on factors like location, guest count, and your specific choices for vendors and services.

Popular Wedding Months: June, September, and October take the lead as the most favored months for weddings in Indiana, thanks to the delightful weather during this time.

Wedding Venues: Indiana boasts a diverse selection of wedding venues, offering a quintessential Indiana experience, ranging from historic barns and rustic farm settings to sophisticated ballrooms and charming outdoor gardens. Popular regions include Clayton, Indiana, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and the Lake Michigan areas.

Marriage License Requirements: Ready to tie the knot in Indiana? Head to the County Clerk’s office with your partner to obtain a marriage license. Be prepared to present identification, pay a fee, and fulfill other requirements. The license remains valid for 60 days.

bentley3rdbday 001830

bentley3rdbday 001830

What factors should I consider while planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding involves careful consideration to ensure a smooth and memorable event. Here are key factors to keep in mind, including the rehearsal, which is crucial for ironing out any last-minute details and ensuring everyone knows their roles and timings for the big day.

  1. Budget: Determine your budget early on and allocate funds to different aspects of the wedding, such as venue, catering, attire, and decorations.
  2. Guest List: Create a guest list based on your budget and desired atmosphere. Consider the size of the venue and the overall experience you want to provide for your guests.
  3. Venue: Choose a venue that suits your style, accommodates your guest count, and aligns with your budget. Consider the location, accessibility, and the overall ambiance.
  4. Date and Time: Select a wedding date that works for you and is feasible for your key guests. Consider the season, time of day, and any significant events that may affect attendance.
  5. Theme and Style: Decide on the theme and style of your wedding, whether it’s traditional, modern, rustic, or themed. Ensure that your choices are reflected in the venue, decorations, and attire.
  6. Attire: Plan your wedding attire and that of your bridal party. Consider the formality of the event and the chosen theme.
  7. Vendors: Research and select reputable vendors for catering, photography, videography, floral arrangements, and entertainment. Read reviews and ask for recommendations.
  8. Catering: Choose a catering menu that caters to various dietary preferences and complements the overall theme. Don’t forget to consider beverage options.
  9. Timeline: Develop a wedding timeline that includes key events, such as the ceremony, reception, and any cultural or religious rituals. Ensure the schedule allows for smooth transitions.
  10. Legal Requirements: Understand the legal requirements for obtaining a marriage license in your location. Fulfill all necessary paperwork well in advance.
  11. Accommodations: If your wedding involves out-of-town guests, consider nearby accommodations and transportation options. Negotiate room blocks for discounted rates.
  12. Weather Contingency: If your wedding is outdoors, have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. This is crucial for ensuring the comfort of you and your guests.
  13. Decorations and Personal Touches: Plan decorations that align with your theme. Incorporate personal touches that make the wedding uniquely yours.
  14. Entertainment: Choose entertainment that suits your style, whether it’s a live band, DJ, or other performers. Ensure there’s a good balance of music and activities.
  15. Photography and Videography: Hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture the special moments of your wedding day. Review our portfolios and discuss your expectations.

bentley3rdbday 001916

bentley3rdbday 001916

What is the weather like in Indianapolis?

*if viewing on mobile, tilt your screen to view the whole chart


Time Frame




Sunny Days

Cloudy Days


March to May

40s to 80s °F

3-4 inches per month

Minimal or non-existent by late spring

Increasing (50-60 sunny days)

Early spring can be cloudy, but more clear days emerge as the season progresses


June to August

Exceeding 90°F

4-5 inches per month

No snowfall during summer

Abundant sunshine (60-70 sunny days)

Alongside sunny days, fair share of cloudy days, especially before and after thunderstorms


September to November

70s to 80s °F (early)

3-4 inches per month

Rare in early fall, more likely late

Plenty of sunny days (50-60 sunny days)

Cloud cover increases as fall progresses


December to February

20s to 30s °F

Relatively low

Significant snowfall

Fewer sunny days (30-40 days of sunshine)

Cloudy days are more common, especially when snow cover is present

Are there other venues near Greencastle, IN?

Greencastle is home to an array of beautiful venues each offering their unique blend of Hoosier hospitality and charm such as:

  • The Inn at DePauw: For those seeking a blend of modern amenities and classic elegance.
  • Owl Ridge Event Venue: For couples looking for a rustic barn scenery with a fireplace and patio
  • Mallow Run: A farmstead for couples looking for a timber event barn
  • WindRose: Offers a natural backdrop for both intimate and grand celebrations.

While each venue has its own appeal, brides and grooms-to-be can explore a variety of settings like a country club wedding venue, wood barn, or farmland to find one that best matches for their style and guest list when booking weddings.

What are some other cities nearby Jones Crossing?

  • Crawfordsville- 56 miles
  • Zionsville- 21 miles
  • Bargersville- 13 miles
  • Greenwood- 18 miles
bentley3rdbday 1049

bentley3rdbday 1049

Schedule a Tour

Scheduling a tour at Jones Crossing is the perfect way to explore our exquisite venue and envision the magic of your special day. Here’s how you can schedule a tour with us:

  1. Explore Our Website: Begin by visiting the official Jones Crossing website. Our online platform provides valuable information about our venue, services, and the enchanting spaces we offer for weddings and events.
  2. Contact Us: Find the contact details on our website, including phone numbers and email addresses. Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff to express your interest in scheduling a tour. Feel free to ask any initial questions you may have.
  3. Personalized Tour Experience: We believe that a personal tour is the best way to experience the charm of Jones Crossing. During your visit, our experienced staff will guide you through the various event spaces, share insights about the amenities we offer, and provide detailed information to assist you in making informed decisions.
  4. Secure Your Date: When you fall in love with Jones Crossing and choose us as your wedding venue, our team will guide you through the booking process. This ensures that your preferred date is reserved for your special day, allowing you to move forward with planning the details that will bring your vision to life.